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5 Questions + Video World Premiere for "Heels" on Ditty TV!

Side Pony named "Discovery of the Year" by John Platt at WFUV in New York City

#31 Fan Favorite Album of 2021 on Americana Highways

Lucky #13 on the The Rock Doctor's Top 24 of 2021: "Lucky Break is shit-kickin’ music loaded with attitude and fun."

Schwindy's Buzzin' Dozen: Best Albums of 2021 - "Caitlin Cannon and Alice Wallace started writing songs together after COVID hit, and that was indeed a lucky break for listeners."

#2 Fan Favorite Album for October 2021 on Americana Highways

"I love the varied, stunning instrumentation and wonderful vocals. Stand outs for me are “Heels” which is such a great gal-power anthem and “Old Woman“, a well-observed love song with a difference." Lesley Jane Hastings, Belles and Gals

Listen HERE for Side Pony featured on Spanish radio program "Sin Rodeos" with Manolo Fernandez ahead of their March 2022 Spain tour

"Their musical and attitudinal differences are an ace, one straight, one irreverent; that balance is on full and wonderful display on their debut, Lucky Break, with the ladies dropping an album both subtly serious as it charges full speed with charm." Bryant Liggett, The Alternate Root

" music flush with optimism and engagement, a celebratory sound that resonates well throughout. Suffice it to say, Side Pony is off to a running start," Lee Zimmerman, American Songwriter

"The album is a blend of some standout ballads, which drift between country and dreamy pop, together with some stomping hook-filled anthems," Declan Culliton, Lonesome Highway

"LUCKY BREAK is one of those treasured releases that will refuse to leave the room and never tire of being heard," Three Chords and the Truth UK

"Sometimes when opposites attract, it just works. In this case, the more subdued west coast yodeler and folk singer-songwriter Alice Wallace and alt-country singer-songwriter Caitlin Cannon, compliment each other’s styles, personalities and sound," Ana Lee, WMOT

"Whether the lyrics are light-hearted or serious, they both show that they are not only talented songwriters but also powerful vocalists," Gary Schwind, Americana Highways


"Alice Wallace and Caitlin Cannon have different styles and approaches to their own material, and yet sound perfectly natural together here, each seeming to draw energy from the other, the results being something wonderful" - Michael Doherty's Music Log

"Out October 8, Lucky Break is an album that twinkles and shines with true depth...With country pop undertones, grunge-tastic musicianship, and an eye for timeless folk storytelling, Side Pony have crafted a sound so uniquely their own you have to see it to believe it." - Aquarian Weekly

"Alice Wallace is the singing and yodeling songwriter from the West Coast that has captured many in a trance with her solo career, and Caitlin Cannon caught us all off guard with the pluck and attitude of her last album The TrashCannon Album that earned the rare 9.5 rating here at Saving Country Music. Who saw them conjoining in Nashville and starting a super duo? That’s what we have with Side Pony, and we’re here for it." - Saving Country Music's Most Anticipated Albums for Last of 2021

"Together, they bring out the best in female-driven folk, honky-tonk and pop, where thick melodies rub elbows with the kind of country rock that will fill a dance floor; it’s a diverse, sweet and salty style partnership that one fan and friend claimed was the perfect pairing of “class and crass.” -- Durango Herald

The Bluegrass Situation "Bad Ideas" premiere:

The Boot: Side Pony Find the Good in the Bad in Debut Single 'Lucky Break' (Exclusive Music Video Premiere)


Americana Highways: INTERVIEW: Alice Wallace And Caitlin Cannon Of Side Pony Talk About Their Songwriting And Future Plans


Amplify: Side Pony featuring Alice Wallace & Caitlin Cannon Release New Single

Belles and Gals: Introducing Side Pony’s Debut Single “Lucky Break” Out Now


Maximum Volume Music: Band of the Day - Side Pony

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